long time no talk


saw Manning Clark artlessly pissing into a flowerbed this morning, which pretty much set the tone for my day.

am appreciated by the Salvation Army, which is nice but slightly unexpected. And i know what Promoted to Glory really means.

know quite a few three-letter acronyms.

am out of touch with several friends, and aim to rectify that in my typically shambolic fashion over the coming weeks.

recommend the Nudel Bar’s rigatoni special: pine nuts, fetta and honey.

possess a slight feeling of dread over Mick Harvey’s departure from Nick Cave’s Bad Seeds.

 had a liquored-up affogato for dessert, but shamelessly downed the glass of Cointreau rather than mixing it into the coffee and ice cream.

am nonplussed by cousins who i don’t speak to or know much about giving birth to children that i’m unlikely to meet. I’m happy enough for them, but forwarding emails of baby pictures isn’t going to sway me on the subject of family reunions.

feel slightly distended from too many complimentary glasses of water.

certainly appreciate Tom Waits and need more suggestions on how to approach his back catalogue.

shower without the light on, suspicious that the bulb’s illumination will noticeably heat the room.

am hiding from this freakish heatwave.

am very much in love.


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