So, we’re already into November and 2010 has been, so far, a non-blogging year.

Yeah, noticed we hadn’t seen you for a while (and in all honesty most of your posts for a while have just been random stuff rather than any content per se). What’s been going on?
Lots of things; got a new job (well, now a couple of years ago) which continues to be really interesting and challenging. Bought a house early last year, which was a pretty major experience. Oh, and have recently come back from a few weeks over in Italy and Spain, which was great – two countries i’ve wanted to go to for years.

And some other big news, right?
That’s right… I got engaged in 2009! So, suffice to say that was a Massive Deal. Was a real surprise for J____, particularly as I’d managed to secretly get her parents, grandparents and my folks up to our favourite restaurant – super-big surprise, and something which I’ll never forget.

Did you get hitched?
Sure did! J and I got married earlier this year, at our local (art deco) movie theatre. It was a beautiful day, and without trying to sound cliched about the whole thing, it was the happiest. day. ever. We had our closest friends and family there, and everything went perfectly.

Wow, okay, what about that holiday thing? So was that the honeymoon then? And what were the highlights?
Sort of – we had a short break in Bali just after the wedding, but this was the honeymoon proper. Best bits for Italy would have had to be Rome and Venice for me. Spain was a study in contrasts; Madrid was amazing, and Gaudi’s architecture in Barcelona was definitely worth the trip. I’ll be crafting some posts about it all soon, hopefully, maybe even do a post-a-day thing, but I wouldn’t hold your breath based on my general lax attitude to updating this.

So, we’ll hear more from you soon?
Yeah, if all goes to plan. I’m writing a novel in my head (isn’t everyone?), and typing this out is partly to help me re-align some of those creative writing neurons that have been abandoned for so long. Which isn’t anyone’s fault but my own; I am pretty slack when it comes to self-motivation (as my general lack of fitness of late can attest to). Plus, I did think for a while there that some of my better writing came about when I was unhappy with my life in general, which means I don’t feel the need to write as much as I used to, being pretty amazingly happy with the world and my life at the moment. But I’m breaking the association there, and getting back into this seems as good a place to start as any.


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