other duties as required

Work continues on my novel, although admittedly I have barely touched it for the past couple of weeks. Real life, and in particular my job, has gotten in the way. The organisation I work for has a number of major projects that it’s collectively working on, any one of which would be A Big Deal for the company. For some reasons that make fantastic sense and a couple that don’t, we have five of these suckers, running near-simultaneously. I happen to have put my hand up (or had it put up) for four of them. Hence, insufficient space for creative writing in my brainmeats. But hey, that’s just an excuse, and I will get back into the swing of things.

Part of my drive here is that I foolishly committed to no one but myself that I’ll get at least 300 entries onto Livejournal this year, not to mention write at least 4,000 words per month on my still-nameless story. However, (a) entries don’t necessarily designate content, so don’t be surprised if I start posting single-sentence entries accompanied by amusing pictures of cats come December, and (b) just because I’m writing 4k words per month doesn’t mean they all have to be good, or indeed be anything beyond comprehensive working notes.

That said, I am keeping promise (b) for the time being, but it’ll be a close-run thing for February at my current pace. March and April should be a different matter, as I’ve got some planned leave in both months in which I intend to sit the fuck down and get focused on the more loosely-defined middle bits.

4k should be a very achievable target; it certainly means I won’t be finished the story anytime soon, so I’m not setting myself any unrealistic expectations. I think Jan/Feb’s holdups have been around my moderate difficulty in writing dialogue that felt ‘true’ (daft as that may sound). I did fear for a little while there that I had a tin ear for the speaky bits, but I’m getting over that particular hurdle and now happy with progress to date.

Anyhow, back to it. But, before I go, a quick hello to any readers out there, a wide-ranging group who I suspect may be more accurately described as ‘my (gorgeous) wife’ at this point.


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