near enough, good enough

I said to myself I wanted to double my word count this week. And, over the past seven days, I’ve come pretty close. I had a wee bit over 7k words last Friday, and now I’m just short of 15,000. Still a huge way to go, of course, but I’m happy with that progress. Chapters 1-5 are in good shape, and I’m beginning work on several others. Some bits have proven to have their own momentum, with much of it has been written chronologically. There are fragments of later story elements that seem to want to be defined earlier than expected, though. Some of these will be flashbacks or the like, and will then get woven back into the story at some point. Other parts have been moved several chapters ahead of ‘schedule’; some characters have surprised me, and jostled for any early introduction.

Off to bed now, but before I go, happy anniversary to me! My wife and I celebrated our first wedding anniversary today. I love you, gorgeous! xoxo 🙂

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