Schrödinger’s cat…

… is basically what I’ve been writing about for the last half-hour, but with more guns.

I passed the 15k mark a little while ago, and am now aiming for 20-25k by early June. This would put me back on track after a few quiet months, and I think I now have some momentum. Here’s how it’s shaping up so far;

Chapter 1 is (unsuprisingly) where I started. It’s done well enough, but now feels like a different style to the rest of it. I’ll leave it alone for now, but will definitely need to come back to it at a later point.

Chapters 2 & 3 look like they’re done, bar a couple of points where I’ve written ‘add another sentence here’ where I think the description of something could be beefed up.

Chapter 4 is about half-right; it has some pretty chunky exposition that should probably go Somewhere Else (i.e., a chapter not yet written).

Chapter 5 is a real surprise for me, holds together well and got done in about half an hour, in a single sitting. If only they could all be that easy.

Chapter 6 is a mess. A few jotted ideas, some lines of dialogue that need to be squeezed in, but that’s about it.

Chapter 7 is a flashback, and is going pretty well. It’s a scene that I’ve been thinking about for a long time, but it’s gone through a few revisions as the characters involved get more fleshed out. Happy enough with it for the time being, so will leave it alone and get back to C6 and whatever happens next…


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