not plagiarism if you do it to yourself.

Nothing much to add here today. Chipping away at the manuscript, having my elbow kneaded by Amelia Pond (she’s Cat 3 of 3 in our household, a calico stray who we adopted a month or two back) and doing some more past-blasting. I found a slightly interesting paragraph or two about Yezidi Kurds that I wrote five years ago on MySpace, which I promptly nicked som of and dumped in mid-Act 2. Also took a quick squiz at Flickr, deleting some old sets and updating my profile there. I really need to get better at using visual resources like that; even if Ghosts… (it’s still going by that name until I come up with anything better) is being set in an alternate-history version of 1930s North-East Asia, the more real (/realistic) I can make it the better. There’s not that many English-language maps of Vladivostok or Birobidzhan around, of course, so I’ve got a bunch of pages in Cyrillic bookmarked so that I can begin to recognise street names and key sights when I see them.


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