meet the family

Amelia Pond is our most recent arrival to the family. A (ex-)stray, J and I first spotted her under our front porch, very skittish and clearly malnourished. That was some months ago, and she probably wouldn’t have even been six months old at the time. A little while later, we saw her on our back porch – still starving, but a few bowls of food meant that she soon lost any skittishness. It also meant she was keen to stick around. So, after checking that she didn’t belong to anyone, she got desexed, microchipped, and had a stent in her side from a potentially fatal abscess.

She’s now a lover of laps and hugs, and partial to the occasional head-noogie. Also, suprisingly, she holds her own well against our two other cats, who weigh 15kg between them. As I write this, she is squeaking out a ‘hello’ to my wider readership and attempting to type.

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