Just a few quick comments tonight…

* Re-reading what I’ve done so far, I seem to have problems with consistent usage of tense. I am, I must say, quite surprised and even embarrassed about having trouble with such a basic tenet of writing. I think the inconsistencies have been primarily caused by the immediacy of some of the writing; I’ve been so busy describing what the characters experience and witness that I’ve slipped into the present tense to keep that immediacy. It’s more distracting than anything else, and I’ve thankfully managed to save a few clumsy paragraphs by tweaking the tenses back to what they should be. The immediacy of present tense has been useful though; there are a couple of flashbacks (a little hackneyed, I know) that I’ve kept as present tense to maintain the difference between ‘that time’ and ‘now’.

* My writing playlist has settled down into something pretty consistent; all Trent Reznor, all instrumental. Ghosts I-IV, The Social Network and Still have been playing on rotation, as they provide that elusive balance of melancholia, tension, longing, regret, and occasionally frantic… er… franticness that works well as inspiration whilst still remaining reasonably unobtrusive.

* I’m still struggling with that turning point in the story that I mentioned a few days ago. The writing has slowed down while I work out where to go next, and I’m pleasantly surprised about what my brain has been throwing out so far.

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