ring, ring

No posts for the last week, and no writing either. It’s been a hectic week for a variety of reasons – some good, some not so good. At any rate, I’ve made it out the other side in one piece.

Why the image above? Because the only decent bit of thinking I’ve had about Ghosts… this past week was inspired by telephones. The chapter I last touched had the protagonist pottering around his hotel room and receiving an unexpected phone call. It’s the sort of thing that could be managed in one or two sentences; it’s quite a minor point in the greater scheme of things, nothing particular special. But, handling the little details like this can make a difference. Would every character answer the phone in the same way? Even if I know what the room looks like, would every character notice the same things about it? What if the person in the room was a priest, a photographer, an artist – how would that alter the way they approached a mundane task like packing their travelling case and taking a call? I’m trying not to over-think things here – well, I really hope not – but by contemplating details like this I’m aiming to imbue a little more personality into the more workmanlike portions of the story. Or at least, that’s the aim.

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