busy busy

The past fortnight hasn’t seen a great deal of writing. Real life has interfered in a big way; combined with the nice round number of 25,000 words I currently have and the range of decisions I need to take in the text, I’ve lost that burning impetus to write thousand-word streaks that I was managed across recent months. But, there has been some sort of progress for all that, some inscrutable welling of energies that remain invisible to the naked eye. The first couple of chapters have been re-written, for example, tweaked and re-phrased for better impact. The ‘B-Plot’ has also advanced, and with it a sense that there are elements to this story that can perhaps only be described as horror. How I handle those is yet to be seen; I don’t particularly like reading a great deal of horror, with the exception of Clive Barker’s wonderful Damnation Game – a superbly uncomfortable text that I first read half a lifetime ago, and the images and style of which have clung to me ever since. Rather than thinking too much about technique and mood, I’ve resolved to simply write what comes to mind and think about genre later on.

So, onward and upward. Talk again soon.


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