Or lack thereof, seeing as I’m stuck at 25k words or thereabouts. It’s an admirable height to be stuck at – the villagers down below all look like ants! – but I’m trying to conquer word-mountains here, not pussyfoot around in these foothills. To labour this analogy slightly, I’m stuck in some gullies at the moment, and this month has seemed to be a ‘one step forward, one step back’ situation repeated ad nauseum. The upside is that the quality of my writing has improved – going back over old ground means I’m picking up lessons and constantly making improvements – while the downside is realising not only a) how far I still have to go, but b) how shaky some of my original foundations* are looking. I don’t want to strive too far ahead without getting these basics right, but I also know I’m not going to progress particularly well if I’m only focusing on what I’ve written to date rather than what I want to write next.

* metaphor fail!

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