jay kristoff

Amongst my various overlapping circles of friends, associates and co-workers – past and present – there are perhaps two people I’ve known who are taller than me. That isn’t relevant to what I’m going to talk about, but it’s a point of interest to me nonetheless.

Anyhow, Jay Kristoff is one of those two people. As well as shadowing the two-metre mark, both Mr Kristoff and I share a couple of hobbies (all law-abiding and above board, I assure you), facial hair and a penchant for black t-shirts. Also, amongst other things, a love of writing. He’s done something about his love of writing a little earlier than me though (in my defence, your honour, he’s been on this planet for a few years longer, so perhaps it all evens out somewhere!). Talented bastard that he is, Jay has completed his first novel – a dystopian steampunk fantasy set in a warped version of feudal Japan – got himself an agent, and signed a multi-book deal with St Martins / Tor UK. His blog, which I linked to above, has a range of resources for the aspiring writer which will no doubt come in handy when I’ve written another 75k words or so. If anyone reading this is a budding author, please check out his blog as I’m sure you’ll find it useful. Even if you’re not, it’s well worth a look – if nothing else, you’ll see Macho Man Randy Savage lay one into Jesus, which surely wins the internets.


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