Sorry, no proper entry today. A slightly grim day at work has left me drained of inspiration. But, before I forget…Steampunk can quite easily turn to pastiche – Goth, with a brown palette – but what if you just embraced the visual aesthetic, and then added crazy trapeze tricks? Then, you’d have this;

If you’re in Australia, and more specifically in Melbourne right about now, go and see Circus Oz. Friends took The Wife & I along a bit over a week ago and I was blown away. It’s been the best part of 25 years since I’ve been to a circus, and I don’t remember being particularly impressed as a kid – I think because I was expecting death-defying acts and I was confronted with stunning competence. This was something else entirely – witty, energetic, and nicely balanced to the all-ages crowd. And, all with no nets!


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