grotesqueries &c.


Fig. 1: transmogrification (00:38)

A still image does little justice to the horror show in toto & educated minds & rubberneckers alike may find it difficult to extrapolate from single freeze frames. Already the metamorphosis takes effect; at 01:42 the eyes completely disappear into the skull while the mouth yawns impossibly wide, zygomaticus stretched from the weight of exponentially multiplying chins.

Ethicists would seek to add layers of meaning or equivalence, watching a man crushed under the twin weights of wealth & destiny. We can only feel sorrow: the parable has no moral, fairness does not exist & Mammon is celebrated.

The faint of heart would be well-advised to turn away at 03:07, when this poor specimen eventually swallows itself in slow motion, gracelessly inverting like some heretofore undiscovered deep-ocean polyp.

[extract from Anon., Homo Mercantilus (unpublished essay)]

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