horrible illuminations &c.

Fig. ?: [image of unknown provenance – 21st century?]

Wisdom brought by time & distance gives us no succor. What our distant (/primitive/noble) cro-magnon ancestors perceived as an arched gateway crafted by sky-spirits & our modern (/ignorant/doomed) forebears labelled with their ‘science’ as a rain-bow, we now understand to be emanations from eighth-dimensional uberfaunae (/aliens/gods of the outer darkness). The brilliant colours that so awed our Stone Age kin & supplied pleasing distractions to residents of the Silicon Age provide us with a grim reminder of what was once was (/history/oblivion). Here, in the 313th Empire of [____], we now justly fear the arrival of rain-bows as heralds of what should never be (/antispectrum bridges/oncoming doom).

Note that colour has been removed from this digital image to minimise preventable conditions (/unending hysteria/fugue & brain-death) amongst the elderly & veterans of that horribly illuminated age.

[Commentary of (untranslateable nomenclature), 29th century common era]


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