Setting records (WordPress 101)

The record in question: I hit my 100th post yesterday morning on WordPress and didn’t even notice. I was clearly more concerned about squeezing out seven posts in as many days to feed the voracious appetites of my adoring fans; without regular pearls of wisdom (or failing that, pictures of Dinosaur Comics), I fear they will fall upon me like maenads upon Orpheus. In addition, a good three-quarters of those 100 updates have come this year, so I’ll take it as a sign of renewed creativity rather than a meaningless milestone.

On the topic of creativity, today’s update is stolen unashamedly from The Inc. Blot (and with thanks to my sister for providing the link);

Steve Hely’s Five Tips for Writers
 1.  Only writing is writing. Talking about writing isn’t writing. Reading isn’t writing. Thinking up ideas isn’t writing. Only sitting down and writing words counts. There’s a quote I’ve heard attributed to Kingsley Amis that summarizes this nicely: The art of writing is the art of applying the seat of one’s trousers to the seat of one’s chair.

2.Work every single day. Even if you can only spare a few minutes, spare them every single day.  Don’t miss one. A novel is a big thing to keep in your head, and you have to build up momentum on it.  In reading writer interviews – and I’ve read a lot – it seems the most consistently productive writers all try and work every single day.

3. Don’t worry too much about being perfect. It won’t be anyway, so don’t drive yourself nuts. A bad finished draft is better than a polished pile of scraps.

4. Don’t take yourself too seriously. 

5. Exercise. I’m pretty sure this helps you write. But even if it doesn’t you may as well be in good shape, right?

Good points all, even if I think I’m only hitting two or three of those 5 points right now.

In the interest of further promoting those I steal from, I should point out that Black Inc are offering the first chapter of Steve Hely’s book here as a PDF. I love his description of Moby Dick as, simply, “where a fucking whale eats everybody”. It’s not like I didn’t already figure that out about the story but, as someone who has only made it about fifty pages in before putting it down and moving onto something else, there’s something about that description that makes me want to read that book. I guess Hely could always get a job writing blurbs if TV and books don’t work out for him… the talented bastard…

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