everything must converge

Here we are, everyone. To cap off my series of posts on Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, what better way than a third and final mixtape?

More so than my last couple of efforts, I faced some difficulties finding the right mix of songs and that sense of flow that any good mixtape should have. The problem wasn’t the inclusion of a few Grinderman tracks (as I originally suspected), but rather the diversity between the Bad Seeds albums covered during this period. The Boatman’s Call is sparse and intimate, Abattoir Blues bubbles with gospel-infused rock, and No More Shall We Part is laden with a mix of piano and strings that isn’t found on its neighbours. So, some of my favourite tracks got sacrificed for the overall continuity of the playlist.

At the same time, relistening to many of the tracks made me appreciate this most recent phase in Cave’s development a little more than may have been represented by my previous entry. I think the crucial difference is that I believe many of the songs are excellent, but the albums are patchy. Cave hasn’t, to my ears, quite got the flow right; the balance between ballads and louder numbers is off, and there are slightly more skippable tracks than on earlier releases.

To stay in keeping with the era represented here, I’m sure you’ll find an iTunes playlist or burned disc more appropriate as a cassette tape. For what it’s worth, this mix is about forty minutes per ‘side’.

Side One:
Wonderful Life
Still in Love
Brompton Oratory
Love Letter
Chain of Flowers
Jesus of the Moon
Black Hair
Darker with the Day

Side Two:
Get Ready For Love
No Pussy Blues
Honey Bee (Let’s Fly to Mars)
Worm Tamer
I Feel So Good
Lie Down Here (& Be My Girl)
There She Goes My Beautiful World
Palaces of Montezuma
O Children

(in order: Nocturama/Nocturama/Boatman’s Call/No More Shall We Part/No Pussy Blues b-side/Lyre of Orpheus/Dig Lazarus Dig/Boatman’s Call/No More Shall We Part, and Abattoir Blues/Grinderman/Grinderman/Grinderman 2/B-Sides & Rarities #3/Dig Lazarus Dig/Abattoir Blues/Grinderman 2/Lyre of Orpheus)

Thanks all for reading. Next week, something different!


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