all your spam are belong to us

While I don’t update my LiveJournal any more, and haven’t done so for some time, I still have an open account to check in on a few friends & compatriots there. This means I get a peculiar sort of spam, to whit:

Where can I find tetrapod and oldy
Simply stated you cannot get a more eco-friendly fuel. Portman attended Harvard University with a major in psychology. By employing the cloud application or service, the user will be able to create, modify and save a file. [spam website address entered here]. There is no formal requirement for a wedding planner. If you’re heading off on a tiger safari to the Tadoba-Andari Tiger Reserve, then anticipate having one of the best wildlife encounters in India.

There’s something about this sort of garbage that I find wonderfully entertaining. It’s REM-writing, like when you try to read a book in a dream. The words or even sentences make sense individually, but have no context and fail any logic test. I sometimes wonder if there is some deranged soul on the other end trying desperately to reach out and communicate. Or perhaps it’s an AI who is reaching sentience even as I type this, a proto-Wintermute who can only borrow phrases now, before the singularity allows it to discover its own voice. Is that any more odd than the likely truth, that a computer program has been built to clusterbomb stolen words in an effort to direct some poor schmo to a dodgy link?



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