this is why you shouldn’t let me near the internet.

Ricky Deckard
Ricky ‘Blades’ Deckard

When Ricky ‘Blades’ Deckard (Alden Ehrenreich, BEAUTIFUL CREATURES) dropped out of Tyrell University, he came back the next year… as a campus security guard. It’s all just another predictable dead-end job until the four freshmen from Nexus College arrive.The Nexus crew have created a trail of destruction – set Supervisor O’Ryan’s boat on fire, glitter-bombed Professor Tannhauser’s car and hung Security Guard Holden from a flagpole. Now they are somewhere on the campus… and their next target is the Dean.

Can Blades chase them down, before they find the Dean? But why is his former classmate acting so weird? And what secret is the Dean’s hot daughter Rachael (Amber Heard, DRIVE ANGRY) hiding?


Whatever happens, this summer you can expect Blades… to be running.

This year’s comedy blockbuster brought to you by Danner Leiner (DUDE, WHERE’S MY CAR?). Also featuring Austin Butler (THE CARRIE DIARIES) as Roy, Anton Yelchin (STAR TREK) as Kowalski, Erica Christensen (PARENTHOOD) as Zhora and Molly Quinn (CASTLE) as Pris, with Terry O’Quinn as Dean Eldon and Pauly Shore as Professor ‘J-Dog’ Sebastian.


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