Monday. It doesn’t seem real.

Tuesday. Drove down to Bendigo today. Two hours of Bowie playing. Cried a few times, at all the spots you’d expect. Rock & Roll Suicide took its toll.

Wednesday: I don’t know if I want to write about any of this. 

Thursday: I can write about it, a little. Bowie’s death (there, I said it) seems to be bringing out the best of the Internet. So many great, thoughtful pieces.

Friday: I don’t know the first Bowie song I heard. Space Oddity is probably the first one that I heard. I was raised in an era where Cool Bowie was seemingly behind us (incorrect: Bowie was almost always cool, in fact the epitome of it, even when no one realised he was), and Slightly Naff 80s Bowie was the present. I recall seeing Tin Machine on the TV and not thinking much if them. My (re-)entry to Bowie was, as it was for so many others, his beguiling 1. Outside, the Lost Highway soundtrack and his work with Nine Inch Nails. But there was a gap there, between that and Real Bowie, and it took me longer to bridge that. I remember walking into a friend’s room when he was humming away to some AM radio crap, turning up my nose and saying ‘why are you is listening to that?’ before the chords coalesced and I realised it was Him. 
The album to start on is The Platinum Collection. ’69-’74 are the golden years for many. It’s what I stuck to for ages, taking many years to explore his Berlin period, Scary Monsters and others. Compilations do not serve that era well. They’re albums, to be explored start to finish rather than dipped in and out of. 

Saturday: The dignity of the man evades explanation. I so deeply admire that. Also, that he was a family man, clearly happy to spend time with wife and daughter. That’s not something I would have thought to admire a decade ago, but now I do. 

He said goodbye to me, to all of us. He didn’t want to go. We didn’t want him to either. But he’s dead now. And it’s affected me more than any other celebrity I could name, or ever expect. He was young. Far too young. But he lived a billion times more than people who’ve been on this planet for longer. He’s dead but he will not be outlived. 

Sunday: “For in truth, it’s the beginning of nothing. And nothing has changed. Everything has changed. For in truth, it’s the beginning of an end. And nothing has changed… everything has changed.”


One thought on “Sunday

  1. ” … nothing has changed… everything has chayyyyynnnnnnnnnnged” – atlonglastbreak into the denouement, the gallumping chords that saw the track out and continued forever through the mind …

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