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It’s not every day they name a psychological condition after you

I’m a big fan of Doctor Who, in both old and new incarnations, and a fan of the associated trivia surrounding the show. I have missed this little tidbit until now, however:

Back in ‘The Robots of Death’ (January-February 1977), a form of ‘robophobia’ is introduced; a psychological condition suffered by those who deal with human-like androids – artificial creatures so close to humanity that they might only be betrayed by those subtle movements that we somehow inherently associate with consciousness and life.

In essence, Doctor Who predicted the Uncanny Valley decades before anyone knew about it. And what did they call it? ‘Grimwade’s Syndrome’.

Well, I’ll be.

this is true

Weirdest thing yesterday. One of my workers showed me a photo from a “client’s” wallet. The photo was old, battered, looked like it’d been in there for years. It was of a number of men and women lying in what appeared to be a ditch. They were dressed in formal clothes, early 20th century. On closer inspection, what we thought to be a cane in someone’s hand was actually the hilt of a sword. It was pointing the wrong way. All the people in the ditch were dead. The ones in the foreground looked moderately ‘fresh’, if that’s the right word for it. Other figures in the background were hauntingly rotted.

Sometimes, I don’t know what I think about my job.